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Anybody knew about paid to click ?
it's about you joining some program for free and click the advertisement that available and then you'll be credited on your account for those advertisement you've seen.

The amount you gain is different from one program to another, it can come from $0.01 per click to $10 and there is minimum payout too and if you can get referral you could get money from them too. It is indeed small amount to gain but you just click and wait, it's so simple.

Here is some paid to click program
1. Neobux
pay to click $0.01
referral click $0.005
minimum payout $2 for first, $3 for second , and so on until $10
you get 4 default advertisement to click every day
you can have direct referrals only after 100 click and been a member for 30 days

2. Buxreflink
pay to click $0.01
referral click $0.0025
minimum payout $5
about 5 advertisement available to click every day

3. Erobux
Ok, from the name you must be thinking there is pron advertisement in here, well even though this site has a policy not to advertise a pron , yes sometimes there is a pron adv sites in here.
pay to click $0.01
referral click $0.002
min payout $7.5
min you can get 3 adv

4. db-bux
pay to click $1
referral click $1
minimum payout $200
min 6 adv a day

5. incrasebux
pay to click $0.007
referral click $0.004
minimum payout $2
min 5 adv a day

6. grand ptc
pay to click $1
referral click $0.5
minimum payout $1000
paid to sign up $10
min 6 adv a day

7. rich ptc
pay to click $1
referral click $0.5
minimum payout $1000
min 10 adv a day
paid to sign up $10

*sometimes for paid to sign up between grand ptc and rich ptc is from the same advertiser, so you sign up for 1 times on 1 sites but can earn in both grand and rich ptc.
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